Personal Loans

How do you want to pay for your Pet treatment?

Sure you can wait till you have the cash or you could put it on your credit card. The latter is not without danger with high interest rates and if you miss payments your credit rating will be affected.

What other types of loans are available?

A Pet Treatment can be funded by a personal loan. There are two types of funeral loans available:

Secured funeral loan allows you to borrow an amount ranging from a minimum of $2,000 up to a maximum of $100,000, with the flexibility to pay the money back over a term of up to seven years. You’ll need to offer an asset (or assets) as security for the loan, for example a car or the equity in your home, and there are fixed- and variable-rate options available.

Unsecured funeral loan does not require you to offer any assets as collateral before your financing will be approved. This represents an increased risk for the lender and these types of loans tend to attract higher interest rates and fees than secured finance. Loan amounts of up to $50,000 are available, and terms typically range from one to seven years.

There are multiple options available and the process of applying can be daunting, especially in  time of grief, so using our service can be an efficient way to finance a funeral when you are just not able to cope with the options available.

What are the advantages of a Personal Loans?

  1. Better Interest than Credit Cards
  2. regular payment so you can budget
  3. When you pay off the loans it improves Credit Rating

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