Pet Ownership Advantages.

Over 60% of Australian households owning a pet!.  We love our pets.  In fact, we often treat them as part of the family. The most popular pets in Australia are dogs, followed by cats, then fish, birds, rabbits, lizards, snakes and guinea pigs.

Research tells us that in an owner-pet relationship, the owners gain a lot. Pets provide us with companionship, an expression of our own positive feelings, and a source of exercise and socialisation. We get healthier mentally and physically. In return we are committed to providing care and comfort for our friends. They depend on us for their existence and with us they survive living a comfortable life.

While our pets are beneficial they can be expensive, Australians spent more than $12.2 billion on pet products and services in 2016. We can help with those cost 1300 948 454.

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Care with Pet Health.

Would you discard your partner of many years, if they were to fall ill by accident, or with age? The problem is, there is no system like Medicare. Visits to the vet can be costly. Routine visits to the vet total an average of $397 for dogs and $273 for cats. If you buy health products (such as worm tablets, flea and tick treatments) while you’re there, you might expect to spend an additional $248 for your dog and $159 for your cat. That is not considering the cost of “major” operations!. There is no Petcare. So you must bear the financial responsibilities and that is where we can help, call us on 1300 948 454

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